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World Deaf Day

About World Deaf Day
World Deaf Day is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of September with the aim to draw attention of general public, politician and development authorities towards the achievements of the deaf people as well as deaf people community.

Throughout the celebration, all the hearing impaired organizations worldwide are encouraged greatly to fulfil the demands and needs of the deaf people as well as increase their rights in the society, worldwide.

World Deaf Day 2014
World Deaf Day 2014 would be celebrated on the 28th of September i.e., the last Sunday of the month.

Importance and Activities of World Deaf Day Celebration
People must participate in celebrating the World Deaf Day by helping in expanding the growth and development through the new technologies as well as offering deaf people wide variety of opportunities to change their lifestyle. It is usually celebrated in the form of rallies, seminar and various deaf awareness campaigns including some fun events.

Dr. E.C.Vinaya Kumar on the occasion of world deaf day
In India, every 4th child born is hearing impaired and the incidence of the problem is more in the rural and below poverty line population. Hearing loss not only affects hearing sense, it also affects the spoken language, which is very important in life for communication with the outer world. These kids are otherwise normal and sometimes highly competing in every aspect with the normal children.

Hearing loss is not a visible disability like blindness and loco motor disabilities hence it has been given less importance by the Government and society in India. We have the advanced technology developed to test hearing loss immediately after birth and the technologies that can treat all kinds of hearing loss. Because of the lack of awareness in the society about identification of hearing loss and need for an early intervention, the benefits of the new technology is incomplete. There is a need for an action and improvement by the Government, NGOs, Professionals and concerned citizens and organizations.

Keeping in view all the above problems and with the help of Apollo hospitals, we have started an NGO called Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired (SAHI) in 2004. We focus is the creating awareness on prevention and control of hearing impairment. Our activities includes conducting free ear camps, free micro ear surgeries, hearing aids, funding for most expensive cochlear implant surgeries through our “GIFT A EAR” project, education programmes to the medical professionals, school children and general public, etc.

On the occasion of “World Deaf Day” we have undertaken an initiative of adopting Chevella parliamentary constituency and making it a completely “DEAF FREE ZONE” by conducting ear camps periodically and providing the necessary treatment to the children belonging to that zone.

I request other Philanthropists, NGOs, and concerned citizens to take similar initiatives in preventing, identifying and to treating hearing loss and help make India a Deaf Free Zone.

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