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Robotic Spine Surgery

Safe for Patients and Safe for Surgeons

The Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System can improve the execution and outcomes in a wide variety of spine procedures. These include minimally-invasivespine surgery and percutaneous pedicle screw placement, pedicle screw fixation for complex spinal deformity, vertebral biopsies and vertebral augmentation.

Conventional, freehand minimally-invasive spine surgery presents many challenges. 10 percent of pedicle screws are misplaced during freehand surgery and high levels of radiation are often required for accurate intraoperative imaging. The robotic spine system Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance.

System can overcomes these challenges. Scoliosis, other spinal deformities and revision surgery can be challenging and result in long, complex surgeries with multilevel instrumentation. Robotic technology can help in pre-operative 3D planning and helps the surgeon identify potential challenges beforehand, such as hypoplastic pedicles (small anatomy), and guides the surgeon’s tools with up to 1.5 mm accuracy. The end result is increased accuracy with improved patient outcomes.

The Apollo Hospitals has installed the spinal robot for the first time in India and complex spinal surgeries are being routinely performed.

Dr. SajanHegde, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.
Dr. Alok Ranjan, Dr. Rahul Lath, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.