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Robotic Assisted Pregnancy

Mrs. Razia is a proud mother today! She was referred to Dr. Rooma Sinha, Senior Consultant – Obgyn  from NIMS with history of loss of regnancy at 20 weeks in March 2013 and a fibroid in her left lateral wall of uterus that was preventing future successful pregnancy. The fibroid measured 13 x 9.6 cms size as seen in the preoperative MRI below. An open surgery would further compromise the chances of pregnancy. To overcome this, Robotic Myomectomy was done in September 2013 at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad and subsequently she conceived in the month of November 2013. Her antenatal period remained uneventful and she delivered with us at 37 weeks on August 10th 2014 by caesarean section. The uterine scar was intact, with virtual absence of adhesions intra operatively. Both the mother and baby are doing well. Dr. Rooma Sinha, Dr Madhumati and their teamlooked after Mrs. Razia during this period and successfully delivered her.

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