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quality World Patient Safety Day Apollo Health City as a personal initiative educates all their clinical staff by regular educative sessions, live demo classes, clinical trails, many more to ensure their patient safety. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”i4p1869JH8A&rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″] 5th Patient Safety Week @ Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad, India

Patient safety has always been a never ending odyssey for us. As a part of several quality improvement initiatives and our annual quality plan (monthly schedules to celebrate Fire Safety week, International patient Safety Goals week, Medication safety week, Pain management week, Hazardous material week, etc) we observed 5th- 10th April 2010 as PATIENT SAFETY WEEK. We realized that communication among various healthcare providers is a very important factor so OUR CONCERN WAS – LET’S TALK….LET’S COMMUNICATE…LET’S SPREAD THE WORD.

We have also participated in SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign by WHO and so merged few events from there in our program. We started the week with training sessions (classroom and on job) in which we covered 90% of our employees in 5 days (including top management, doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrative staff and even housekeeping staff). We circulated leaflets on patient safety to communicate and share the information.

We completed a patient safety satisfaction survey in which we did find few opportunities for improvement in our organization. The questions were basically on receiving trainings on hand hygiene, motivation by each departmental heads, general safety practices in the organization, importance given to fire safety, HAZMAT safety, emergency safety, employee safety, medication safety etc.

We completed PATIENT SAFETY GRAND ROUNDS, visited every part of the facility and identified hazards. We then gave targets with EDC (expected date of completion) to all the respective heads of various departments. We also did mystery surveys to evaluate our compliance to International patient safety Goals by JCI.

We did organize a multitude of other activities like: Acronym contest- staff was asked to fill in as to what each letter in the word SAFETY means to them. 5 moments of Hand washing by WHO- staff was asked to draw their 5 moments of hand hygiene in the format suggested by WHO Safety Brochure designing- Staff was asked to design on A4 size paper and we selected the best brochure for printing next year to disseminate information Immunity Challenge- we got the ultraviolet ray box and exposed hands of our employees form doctors to housekeeping. We rewarded employees with clean hands. Idea Generation- we asked our employees to send us ideas as to how do they think we can improve patient safety in their unit/ hospital and we rewarded best implement able ideas. Quiz- we circulated multiple choice type questionnaires and employees who answered al questions were rewarded. Safety Display- all the units (wards, ICU’s etc) decorated their units on the patient safety theme and best units were rewarded. Scavenger Hunt- an array of right and wrong things/ practices/ articles were presented and the staff was expected to identify the right and the wrong practices and how do we ensure that they don’t happen. Spread the word- each team was given a theme and the staff in that group was expected to go and talk about that theme to as many employees as possible and get their signatures. Teams which had maximum signatures were rewarded. We also launched the e- newsletter- QUALITY WATCH on basic quality and safety concerns in the hospital. Closing ceremony was done on the last day wherein CEO gave away the prizes to all employees. Best Unit was also awarded based on Grand Rounds and participation in various events.

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