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Joint Commission International.
Cinque Terre Sample collection for platelet Aggregometry:
  • The patient is asked to fast for 12 hours prior to sample collection
  • The patient is instructed not to ingest any aspirin containing medicine or related drugs during within 7 days of testing
  • The patient is instructed not to take any non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAID) for atleast 2 days prior to testing.
Sample collection for Semen Analysis:
  • The patient is instructed to maintain 3 days of continence (abstinence) before submitting the sample
  • The sample is collected by masturbation and preferably at the hospital premises in a wide mouth container
  • Lubricants and other contaminants are avoided
Sample collection for Microfilaria:
  • The blood sample is taken preferably between 10PM and 2Am
  • For a random sample (not falling between the aforementioned prescribed limit of 10PM and 2AM) the patient is instructed to ingest 100 mg Hetrazan Tablet and the sample is drawn 45min later
Stool for Occult Blood:
  • The general instructions for stool collection are similar to that of routine feces examination
  • The patient is instructed to avoid the following food items three to four days prior to collection of sample; meat, fish, hoarse radish, turnips, bananas, black grapes, plums and pears drugs like Aspirin and Aspirin containing compounds and Iron containing preparations.
Instructions for 24Hrs. Urine Collection
  • Empty the bladder at 8.00Am and discard the urine.
  • All urine specimens passed thereafter should be collected in the given container. Please do not miss any sample. This would affect the result adversely.
  • Please do not consume excess water or too little water during the period of collection. Your water intake should be normal.
Special Precautions to be taken for the following investigations: FOR VMA : Three days prior to collecting the urine, avaid bababas , vanilla , chocolate, coffee and tea, citrus fruits and drugs such as aspirin, anti-hypertensive agents For 5-HIAA : three days prior to collecting the urine, avoid bananas, pineapples, walnuts, brinjals and tomatoes. Drugs like cough mixtures and phenothiazine (Antimetics) group of drugs are to be avoided. For Metanephrines: Three days prior to collecting the urine avoid drugs like phenothiazines (Antimetics), tricyclic antidepressants, and contrast media

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