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Dr.Sanjay Sinha

  • Specialization Urologist
  • e-mail ID apollohealthcity@apollohospitals.com
  • Location Apollo Health City Campus Hyderabad
  • Qualifications MBBS, MS, DNB, Mch(Urology)

Awards and Achievements

Academic Honors

  • Eight Distinctions in MBBS- Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Preventive and Social Medicine,
    ENT and Surgery.?Gold Medal in Biochemistry.
  • Bhagwandas Wadhwa memorial Gold Medal in Preventive and Social Medicine.
  • Silver Medal in Otorhinolaryngology.
  • Anatomical Society of India award for highest marks in Anatomy.
  • Award for Best Research Project in Anatomy on ‘Variations in the anatomy of the lumbar plexus’.
  • University Medal in Pathology.
  • Stood First at the all three Professional MBBS examinations.
  • University Medal by Banaras Hindu University for standing First at Final MBBS, 1987.
  • Association of Surgeons of India award for highest marks in Surgery.
  • Pfizer Medallion and Scroll of Honor for distinguished performance at the Final MBBS.
  • Institute of Medical Sciences Best Student Award
  • Bard Scholarship in Urology awarded by the Urological Society of India in 1993.
  • Best Paper Award, at the APSOGUS, 1999 for paper on stress incontinence.
  • Medal for Point Counter Point Debate at the SZUSI, Chennai, 2003
  • BKP Best Paper Award at National Urological Society of India Conference, Ahmedabad, 2005
  • Best Reviewer Award from the Indian Journal of Urology for the year 2010. Received award at a ceremony on 21st January 2011 at Kolkata

Research and Publications

  • Chapters in books Our article has been cited by Peter Morris “Kidney Transplantation” 6th Edition, 2008, Page 653
  • Chapter on “Painful Bladder Syndrome” in textbook “Gynecology Update 2011” eds Pratibha D and Sinha R, Paras Publishers, Hyderabad, 2011
  • Sinha R, Sinha S. Asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy. In “Manual of Perinatal Infections”, Eds Walvekar V and Jassawalla MJ. Jaypee Brothers, 2006,
    pp 132-129
  • Sinha S. Early Diagnosis of Carcinoma Prostate. Recent Advances in Oncology, Jaypee Bros, 2004
  • Sinha S, Sinha R. Renal Transplantation in women- the Indian context. In: Tank DK, Saraiya UB, Patel MK, Desai SV, In ‘Frontiers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology’ 2nd ed, Jaypee Bros, Mumbai, 1999, pp 180-188.
  • Sinha S, Bhandari M. Bladder dysfunction in posterior urethral valves. In: Sinha S, Bhandari M (eds.). Posterior urethral valves. Urol Soc Ind publication, 1996, pp17-26.
  • Kumar M, Sinha S. Techniques of ablation of posterior urethral valves. In: Sinha S, Bhandari M (eds.). Posterior urethral valves. Urol Soc Ind publication, 1996, pp41-46.
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  • Sinha R, Sinha S. Incontinence in the girl child- diagnosis and treatment. In: Krishna UR, Sheriar NK (eds), ‘Gynecological Urology’ Orient Longman, Mumbai: 2001, pp 115-127.

Work Experience

  • Dr Sanjay Sinha is Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon practicing for the last 15years.
  • He has a specific interest in minimally invasive urology (endourology and laparoscopic urology), laser prostatectomy, female urology, urodynamics, neurogenic bladder and renal transplantation.
  • He did his MBBS and MS from Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University where he had the first rank at the university with 8 distinctions and the Best Student Award.
  • He later did his training in Urology at the SGPGIMS, Lucknow in 1995. He visited the Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, New York in 2000 and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia in 2005. Dr Sinha has the largest experience in stress incontinence surgery in the state and has extensive experience in the removal of complex kidney stones by minimally invasive methods.
  • Dr Sinha has conducted several workshops including, most recently, those at PGI Chandigarh, Johannesburg and Taipei. He is on the Editorial Board of the International Urogynecology Journal and the Indian Journal of Urology and was a member of the Urological Society of India Panel on Bladder Cancer Guidelines.

Certifications & Professional Memberships

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  •  Urological Society of India, American Urological Association, International Continence Society, Indian Society of Organ Transplantation, Association of Southern Urologists, AP Society of Genitourinary Surgeons, Hyderabad Urology Society (Founding Treasurer)
  •  Editorial board member for the International Urogynecology Journal (2007-ongoing)
  •  Editorial board member for the Indian Journal of Urology
  •  Chairman of the International Exchange Committee of IUGA 5. Member of the USI panel for “Guidelines for the Management of Bladder Tumors” 2008-09