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Does hi-tech cause hi-stress ?

All are invited to spread awareness on International Stress Management Day Date: Friday 9Th November Time: 10 Am- 1 Pm Venue: Atrium, Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills, Hyd Theme 2018

Is Technology smoothing & streamlining our life OR just building up the pressure? Although technology benefits our life but its impact on our physical, emotional, social and environmental life can be devastating.

Let us learn how to use technology to our advantage, minimise the stressful effects to lead a very balanced life.

Avail Holistic Stress Management.

  • Stress Screening to know your Stress Quotient (SQ) (current life style, stress levels and coping strategies)

Effective Intervention & Therapy :

  • Deep relaxation methods
  • Nutrition advice
  • Exercise and Life style management
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