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Male and Female Sexual Medicine Specialist

Problems related to sexual health are not just a physiological issue; but they can also affect mental health which, in turn, compounds the initial problem because of the stress and anxiety they can cause. Often, because of the private nature of the problem, individuals shy from addressing it early on. But our panel of expert sexologist doctors at the Apollo Hospital that specialize in sexual medicines can help, dissipating unnecessary worry.

Human psychology plays a major role in treating sex-related diseases, and above all, it is important to identify the right kind of disorder that is plaguing the patient. Our panel of sex specialists counsel patients and get to know about their problems before they proceed to prescribe a treatment for them in a multidisciplinary fashion. We offer confidential patient care, education and research on improving sexual health through the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of condition or diseases that involve sexual function in both men and women. The panel of sexologist doctors at the Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad create a customized treatment plan and execute it with sensitivity and understanding.

Sexual Health and Treatments

At the Apollo Hospital, we have a panel of the best sex specialist that treat a variety of sexual conditions such as low libido, erectile dysfunctions, painful intercourse or lack of orgasm, sexual dysfunction following breast and prostate cancer treatment, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and many other sexual problems that are hard to detect.

Our team of sexual medicine doctors are specialists in psychology, their immense experience helps patients cope with the mental trauma of sex related problems.

For the best in sexual medicine treatment, book an appointment with our panel of expert sex doctors in Hyderabad today.