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Joint Commission International.
Joint Commission International.
The department has commenced from the inception of the hospital – Over the year 2002-03 to the last financial year the department has grown at a healthy rate of 18 %.
  • Their has been a steady growth of dialysis done
  • New facilities like intensive care dialysis/ CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement therapy)
  • State of the art Dialysis machines / Dialysis chairs
  • Renal transplants from inception of the hospital majority are live donor – kidney transplants
  • We have also done 5 cadaver transplants.
  • All basic support facilities for transplantation like Transplant immunology / Radiology / Histopathology / Drug assay / Nuclear Medicine are available since a long time.
  • CAPD and other dialysis modalities)
  • Trained clinical coordinators to impart training at home for Dialysis for 24 hours are available
  • Advanced water treatment system for dialysis
  • Paediatric nephrologists is a part of the Nephrology team at Apollo, which is missing in many other hospitals
  • Kidney transplants / Dialysis / CAPD / Training programme for DNB Nephrology.

Specialized Clinics 

  • CAPD clinic / Transplant clinic
  • Paediatric Nephrology
  • All facilities required for Nephrology patient is available under one roof with necessary medical & diagnostic support and guidance round the clock.
  • Excellent team approach and medical cover round the clock
  • Advanced water treatment system resulting in quality Dialysis
  • International expertise of doctors
  • High standards of treatment and care
  • Proven track record
  • Regular on job training is imparted for newly appointed Dialysis Technician
  • This hospital being a DNB centre for Nephrology the students receive extensive Academic and practical training in the said field.

Equipment and Facilities

Dialysis / CAPD cycler / Renal Transplant / Medical management for CRF & complex Renal ailments. / CRRT


Dialysis & CAPD and Renal Angiography & Angioplasty (In very rare cases)

Surgical Treatments

Renal Transplant / Laproscopic Donor Nephrotomy /Endo Urology

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