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The department was initiated during the period 1989-90. Some of the key milestones were.

    • Part of a multinational phase 3 clinical trials
    • Procurement of Dexa Bone-densitometer in 2002 aided in better diagnosis.
    • Supports major surgeries and procedures for diabetic patients. (Eg: Renal transplant CABG)
    • Cross-functional team structuring with the department of neurosurgery for the management of Pituitary gland ailments
    • Handles complex pituitary problems
    • All kinds of metabolic bone diseases are managed and treated.
    • Hyperparathyroidism various other thyroid conditions such as Cancer, Autoimmune disease, Goitre, etc are treated. The Gamma Camera and Isotopes studies have aided in the diagnosis and management of these disorders
    • Radioiodine therapy is a part of the available armamentarium of the clinicians in this department.
    • Evaluation of type I and type II diabetes.
    • The department runs two specific community-oriented clinics
    • Diabetic clinic
    • Metabolic bone unit
    • Presently research and training initiatives undertaken by the department are.
    • Phase II Diabetic Nephropathy
    • Phase III – 2 Multinational Osteoporosis trials

Scientific and Clinical Papers Presented Are

    • Extra Hepatic Portal Venous Obstruction in Children: Anthropometry, Growth hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. ,1997
    • B Cell Function and Insulin Sensitivity in Tropical Calcific pancreatitis from North India. April 1997
    • Growth Charts are suitable for the evaluation of India children. 1998.
    • Ectopic Acth Syndrome due to Bronchial Carcinoid Tumour. Case report. 1998.
    • coronary heart Diseases in Diabetes. Role of Hyperglycaemia and Hyperinsulinemia in 1995

Diagnostics, Facilities & Treatment

    • Hormonal tests, which are done in Bio-chemistry
    • Densitometer/Wall-mounted holtain Stadiometer and CGMS – Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

Community Outreach Programme Include

    • Osteoporosis awareness
    • Diabetes education

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