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Home COVID winner, Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma, celebrates her 100th birthday at Apollo Hospitals, before discharge!

COVID winner, Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma, celebrates her 100th birthday at Apollo Hospitals, before discharge!

Hyderabad, October 2020: A hundred-year-old COVID winner and a medical Doctor, Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma David, celebrated her 100th Birthday with the team of Doctors and nurses at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, who treated her for COVID-19, on a joyous day and was discharged hail and healthy, from the Hospital, today.

Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma David, the 99-year-old senior citizen was admitted on September 29th, 2020, with diabetes and hypertension and was diagnosed to be suffering from COVID-19. She was admitted in the ICU with a history of fever for 15 days prior to the admission, besides cough and shortness of breath. She also had an acute kidney injury at presentation.

Her son, a 65-year-old, Mr Christopher, who came along her, was also diagnosed to be suffering from severe COVID-19 and was breathless, requiring oxygen support. He was also found to be a diabetic, hypertensive with coronary artery disease post-PTCA and was admitted in the Hospital along with Dr David.

A team of specialists comprising of Dr Suneetha Narreddy, Consultant, Infectious Disease; Dr Swarna Deepak, Consultant, Critical Care; Dr Nagaraju Gorla, Consultant, Critical Care; Dr Siddhartha Reddy, Consultant, Critical Care and Dr Ravi Andrews, Consultant, Nephrology, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills; treated both Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma David and Mr Christopher, and discharged them after they recovered fully from the disease and are in a stable condition. The team of Doctors and Nurses who treated her joined in the 100th Birthday celebrations of Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma David, today, prior to her discharge from the hospital, while wishing her a long life.

The tenacity and strength shown by the centurion, Dr David taught us an inspiring and important lesson that we cannot say no to life, we have to fight back, beat the odds no matter what they are and come out with flying colours, says Mr Y Subramanyam, Regional CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.  

We are immensely thankful to the polite and gentle medical team of Apollo Hospitals. The Doctors and Nursing staff are just amazing, god bless their great work to the medical field and patients. Even in these trying times of COVID 19, the Doctors, nurses and other staff were extremely committed and went beyond the call of duty to keep the patients comfortable and face the disease bravely, says Dr Lakshmi Kanthamma David, the hundred-year-old patient.  


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