Home Concept note: Multidisciplinary Liver Board

Concept note: Multidisciplinary Liver Board

The care of Liver failure and post liver transplant patients is a complex multidisciplinary exercise. Most often, it involves multiple consultations across specialties, that spreads over many days, and involves a lot of running around by the patients.

The Multidisciplinary Liver Board is a meeting of professionals with specialized expertise in taking care of the complex health needs of the pre- and post- liver transplant patients. This will be held once every week on Wednesdays, between 1-2 PM. This will be a multidisciplinary meeting involving Liver Transplant Surgeons, Transplant Hepatologist, Liver transplant anesthetists, Critical care specialists, Pulmonologists, Transplant Infectious disease specialists, Cardiologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapist, Social workers and Transplant coordinators. All the issues related to patients’ medical condition will be discussed and the best plan to address the issues will be formulated. This is going to ensure maximal safety to the patient undergoing liver transplantation, superlative post-liver transplant care, and speedy identification of problems and their timely and effective management.

The liver transplant programme of Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills is known for its excellent outcomes. Patient survival rates are better than the international benchmarks. Liver board is going to be a major contributor towards providing medical care of world standard to the liver failure and liver transplant patient.

Liver Transplant Surgeons: Dr. Manish C. Varma Dr. L. Sasidhar Reddy Transplant Hepatologist: Dr. Naveen Polavarpu Dr. Somsekhar
Liver anesthesia and Critical care Dr.Manjunath B Cardiologist: Dr. Manoj Agarwala
Pulmonologists: Dr. C. Vijay Kimar Dr. Sai P. Harnath Transplant Infectious disease Dr. Sunita Nareddy Dr. Ravi Barigala
Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Dr. Ashok Alimchandani Dr. Namita Singh Social workers Ms Rashmi Singh
Physiotherapists: Ms. Hema Ms. Jagpreet Kaur, Transplant coordinators: Mr. Girish Shetty Mr. M. Sandeep
Physiotherapists: Ms. Hema Ms. Jagpreet Kaur,  
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