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Apollo Heart Institute provides comprehensive tertiary level cardiac care for patients with a “Human Touch”. It has state–of –the –art equipment comparable to any of the International Hospitals, adept heart specialists with widely acclaimed Clinical and International skills making it one of the best heart hospitals in Hyderabad. The Institute is well equipped to perform a wide range of surgical procedures including cardiac bypass surgery, valve replacement surgery, heart transplantation, minimally invasive surgeries, coronary-angiography, heart valve surgery and surgeries for paediatric and adult cardiac conditions.

The institute has performed angioplasty and stenting using drug-eluting cipher stent in 2002, Trans Radial Angioplasty and stenting in 1994 in the Asia Pacific, Trans-Ulnar Angiogram and Angioplasty in the world in 2005 (with the largest number of cases till date) & developing Mitral Commissurotome. The Institute is well known for its research work and academics. Pioneering in a spectrum of treatment options in interventional cardiology, non-invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and paediatric cardiology, Apollo Heart Institute has established itself as the best heart hospital in Hyderabad.

The Cardiothoracic and vascular unit at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad is the first to use Mammary artery grafts in the state of Andhra Pradesh, thoracoscopic PDA ligation in South India, Arterial Switch, the highest number of stentless valves, first Mechanical U – Clip in South India, proximity aortic connector and octopus in India. Apart from cardiac surgeries performed by some of the best cardiologists in Hyderabad, the unit performs lung, thoracic, esophagus, trachea & thoracic wall reconstruction and thoracic traumas. Media sternal tumors, myasthenia’s, vascular surgery including aortic aneurisms, peripheral vascular surgeries are also performed by the unit. The unit was recognized for its best results by the India Today Magazine.

The dedicated pediatric cardiology centre offers treatment for heart diseases for many complicated cases involving premature babies and infants. Some surgery techniques like Permembranous VSD Device Closure, uni–focalization in children with VSD pulmonary atresia, single-stage correction, Arterial switch operation in children with TGA – transposition of great arteries and Valvoplasties in the newborn are performed by the pediatric cardiac and cardiothoracic team.

The Heart Institute offers round-the-clock Cardiac Emergencies, Preventive and Rehabilitation Heart Care, the whole gamut of latest Surgical and non-surgical procedures with a success rate of 98.5% on par with the best in the world.

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Virtually every type of heart surgery, from neonatal open-heart surgeries to aneurysm surgeries to heart transplant, are performed, with excellent results…

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Consultants Team

Our team of experts are amongst the finest in the world, be it in academic qualifications, clinical expertise, hands-on experience or in research publications.

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Cardiac Procedures

Thank you for choosing Apollo Heart Institute as your heart care provider. We ensure the highest standards in medical and nursing care in comfortable surroundings.

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Abnormal Heart Beat

Arrhythmias irregular beating of the heart is due to different reasons like existing heart disease, blood electrolyte imbalances, cardiomyopathy or coronary artery disease.

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Cardiac Rehab

Patients with paralysis, stroke, trauma, cancer, heart disease, surgery etc. Can be left with some form of disability, which can be in the form of physical, psychological, or social disability.

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Heart Valve Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery is of two types a) Valve repair b) Valve replacement. Minimally invasive techniques with lesser incisions on the chest is followed for heart valve surgery.

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Heart Transplantation

Heart transplantation is a complex procedure. It is the gift of life given by an unknown person (donor) to an individual who has lost all his hopes due to poor heart condition.

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Saving a Child’s Heart Initiative

Saving a Child’s Heart initiative is the largest charitable organization that is dedicated to providing pediatric care in India. Sachi is recognized for its commitment to quality medical care and accountability, its work has touched people’s hearts.

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Coronary Artery Disease

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Heart Patients Speak

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