Vertigo Clinic

The art VERTIGO CLINIC at Apollo hospitals ENT department is established in March’ 2018. We have a sophisticated facility at our center like Video Nystagmography, Subjective visual vertigo, Dynamic visual acuity, Craniocorpography, Caloric test, stabilometry including the rehabilitation facilities.

We have a dedicated team to take utmost care for keeping up with the latest scientific technology and to update the knowledge and concept in the everlasting field of vertigo. In the span of two years, we were successful to help more than 2000 patients with vertigo. We were successful in managing 80% of our patient without any usage of anti-vertigo drugs, sedatives and less than 15% used anti-vertigo medicine temporarily for about a week.

If you are suffering from vertigo, giddiness, dizziness and any other balancing disorder – Don’t suffer in silence. Consult our vertigo experts for the best solutions and become dizzy free!

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