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Brief for Breast Cancer Awareness

It is our pleasure to inform you that on the occasion of “International Breast Cancer Awareness Month” this year we have organized an event called “Let’s be in Pink of Health – Fight Cancer” on 21st October 2014 at 11:30 AM at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

We have invited students of various colleges to participate in the elocution competition. Each student was given 5 minutes to talk about “What a woman should do to protect herself and her family from cancer”. The colleges that participated are – Wesley Degree College for Women, St. Ann’s College for Women & Loyola Academy Degree & PG College.

Celebrity women from different walks of life have judged the competition.

* Dr. P. Vinitha Reddy, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Hospital
* Ms. Poonam Kaur, Cine Actress
* Guests of Honour – Ms. Sikki Reddy Nelakurthi & Ms. Pradnya Gadre, Indian Badminton Players, Medallists at 17th Asian Games INCHEMON 2014.

The winners of this Elocution completion are
Ms.Akhila from St’Ann’s College – Mehdipatnam
Ms.Sai Shree from St’ Ann’s College Mehdipatnam
Ms.Asra from Loyola Academy –Old Alwal

Apart from this Kids also exhibited Fancy dresses on this occasion.
If there were a way to prevent cancer, you’d definitely try it, right? Turns out, there are plenty of ways to reduce your risk of developing the disease. The thing is, many people just don’t use them.

Lifestyle factors—like smoking, eating poorly, not getting enough exercise, and being overweight will contribute to nearly a third of all types of cancer cases.

Changing your behavior sounds pretty simple compared to, say, finding a cure for cancer. And yet, we still continue to make poor health decisions year after year.

It might not be easy to end unhealthy tendencies, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Follow these lifestyle tweaks to cut your breast cancer risk:

  • Stay at a healthy weight: Being heavy can increase your risk of developing the disease as well as reduce your risk of surviving it.
  • Break a sweat: Regular fitness workouts may help prevent the disease by boosting immune function, warding off obesity, and lowering levels of estrogen and insulin.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies: Their nutritional value lowers risk of breast cancer.
  • Stay Away From Smokes: a recent review showed that both active smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke increase breast cancer risk but in any case, you have more than 50 reasons not to smoke.
  • Breastfeed Your Baby: Numerous studies have shown that women who breastfeed have a lower risk of breast cancer. The longer a woman breastfeeds over a lifetime, the more protected she is against breast cancer.
  • Drink less alcohol: Research has shown that two drinks a day could increase breast cancer risk by 21 percent. Instead, try swapping wine for fresh grapes.
  • Know your family history: In about 15 percent of breast cancer cases, there is a family history of the disease.
  • Last but not least, get regular health screenings, early detection helps maximize odds of survival.
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