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Posted on Mar 24, 2015 |

World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day

Internationally 24th March is celebrated as World Tuberculosis Day to create awareness among the people regarding tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was a major killer disease in Europe and America in 1880 killing one in ten people suffering with TB. Now nearly 95% of TB patients are in ASIAN subcontinent because of high population, overcrowding, poor sanitation measures, poverty, pollution, poor compliance towards medical treatment. Any person suffering with COUGH, SPUTUM, CHEST PAIN, FEVER, WEIGHT LOSS, and LOSS OF APETITE must immediately seek medical advice to rule out TB. TB is a respiratory disease caused by TB bacteria and spread from one Patient to another by coughing. Doctor will confirm the disease by simple Sputum analysis and chest x ray. Person suffering with TB should cover his mouth and nose with a simple mask to prevent spreading to others. Patient is put on simple anti-TB medication which is given for 6-9 months. Strict adherence to medication is the key to success. One can avail free medication from government medical centre. As a rule prevention is better than cure, one must maintain healthy life styles like taking proper healthy food, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, avoiding stressful conditions, regular walking, exercises, yoga, meditation, good control of diabetes, hypertension and other medical diseases if any.



Dr. Mallikarjun,

Consultant Pulmonogist,

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda.