The diagnosis of decompensated Cirrhosis of the liver spelled doom for the patients and was considered to be a pre-terminal condition a couple of decades back. Presently, not only we have an effective treatment for this in the form of Liver Transplantation, we have also learnt the art and science of doing this operation successfully. The liver transplant programme at Apollo hospitals, Jubilee Hills, has seen more than 95% of patients walk out of the hospital after undergoing successful surgery.


Medical Science has made immense progress when it comes to treatment of liver diseases, but the age old dictum “Prevention is Better than Cure” holds solid ground. Especially, when it comes to Chronic Liver Disease (CLD), preventiion becomes all the more important because the symptoms of CLD do  not appear till the time liver damage is far advanced and mostly irreversible. If we look at the causes of liver cirrhosis in our patients, a majority of them are due to causes which are preventable. Viral Hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C), Non-Alcoholic Steato-heptitis (NASH or Fatty Liver Disease), and Alcohol intake constitute the reason for cirrhosis in more than 80% of cases. Hepatitis B is easily preventable by vaccination and Hepatitis C is now easily treatable with safe and effective oral medications. Simple life style medications can prevent alcohol related cirrhosis. A healthy life-style which includes diet rich in green vegetables and fruits and moderate exercise can prevent NASH in addition to a lot of other life-style diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Regular health checks and consultation with doctors can help detect liver disease early.



Dr. Manish C. Varma MS (AIIMS), DNB, MNAMS

Assoc. Professor & Head

Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Unit

Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad