Immunization as well known is widely recognized as one of the most successful and cost effective health intervention

               This year world immunization week campaigned for closing the immunization gap. World across 1 in 5 children is still missing out on compulsory vaccines. So I would like to update parents about the new changes and break the biggest myth surrounding vaccines.

Q. What are new changes?

A. In brief it is ,

  • Take four doses of Injectable polio vaccine at 6,10,14 weeks and 18 months
  • Take three doses of Oral polio vaccine at 0,6 and 9 months
  • Prefer DTwP( painful) vaccines over painless DTaP
  • Immunize MMR vaccine instead of measles vaccine at 9 months
  • Continue to offer cervical cancer vaccine around 10 – 12 years (3 doses at 0,1,6 months apart)

Q. How far is vaccine related to autism?  

A. It has been proven beyond doubt that vaccination with MMR or otherwise is not a precursor for autism. This is what scientific studies have proven Common logic says that if vaccination only caused autism , how come descriptions similar to autism existed even before widespread vaccination was in place. Now the newer research has devised techniques to pick up babies less than 1 year who are at high risk for autistic spectrum disorder, which means to say that the disease has its roots even before MMR vaccine is given.

Q. Which is the new vaccine coming up ?

A. Vaccine for Hepatitis C is underway?
To end the discussion, I am also waiting for a vaccine for malaria which is a bigger killer than HIV in India.

Dr.Kaza Sharmila
Dr.Kaza Sharmila

M.D (Paediatrics)
Apollo Health City
Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad