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Posted on Jun 11, 2014 |

Wheezing among children in Monsoons

Wheezing among children in Monsoons

Changing weather brings about cold and cough among children, especially when they have spent summer at home, right before monsoons. Children returning to school or new children joining pre-schools are highly prone to cold, cough and wheezing.
Children tend to suffer from 6-8 colds and coughs or Upper Respiratory Infections in a year, which could be clubbed with seasonal changes. If they prolong, they need to be consulted and emergency room visits need to be done.

Viral Infections and virus induced wheezing is common among children during monsoon and if it prolongs the child needs to be hospitalized.

If viral induced wheezing is a repetitive episode, prolonged and sever, then the child needs to be on preventive medication in order to control it.

Most parents and doctors shy away from using the term wheezing or Asthma, instead they use common terms such as chest congestion or Bronchitis. Irrespective of the terminology, it is essential to control these symptoms.

Put your child on a nebulizer, inhaler or anti-allergy medicines to prevent flare up or exacerbation that could be severe and runs the risk of hospitalization.

Common myths about nebulization are that, the Parents fear frequent nebulization could get the child addicted to it or it might weaken their lungs. These are just inhale, short-acting and have a local benefits, without severe systemic side-affects and they prevent hospitalization.

However, good news for 1-6 year old children of pre-school age is that these symptoms subside as they grow older. Only children with family history or personal history of food or skin allergies or asthma may have the symptom pattern continuing beyond this age group.

written by – Dr. Samiya Razvi, Pediatric Pulmonologist.