Ulcers are also called as Peptic Ulcers. Peptic sores occur when the acid used to digest your food eats away the inner surface of your stomach, small intestine or esophagus. This happens when your digestive tract (gastrinomas) contains too much acid, or when you fail to fill your stomach with the proper amount of food to absorb the acid formed. Gastric is the condition that directly leads to this. Other causes of peptic sores are:

The bacterium associated with this condition is the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. This bacteria usually live in the mucus layer that covers and protects the lining and may trigger an inflammation that later leads to an ulcer.

Frequent consumption of certain painkillers:
Certain over the counter painkillers such as aspirins, ibuprofen(Motrin, Advil, Midol), naproxen (Aleve, Anaprox, Naprosyn) and ketoprofen can also cause ulcers. This includes aspiring that are safety-coated too.

This is a risk factor that may worsen the ulcer, or trigger one in stomachs that are already infected with H. pylori.

As we all know, alcohol is identified as a risk factor for most of the diseases. Excessive consumption of alcohol can erode the mucous lining, that later leads to the formation of sores.