Total Hip Replacement Surgery: Patient Testimonial – Navaneeth Kumar

Navaneeth Kumar, 36 yrs old was born with abnormal hip and he was suffering from osteoarthritis. He came to Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad for the osteoarthritis treatment. After meeting Dr. K J Reddy, top Orthopedician in Hyderabad, the patient was suggested to undergo total hip replacement surgery. Watch as Navaneeth Kumar talks about the procedure and their personal experience with the doctors and other staff members of the hospitals, since the procedure. Total Hip Replacement Surgery: It is a surgical procedure for replacing the hip joint. This joint is composed of two parts–the hip socket (acetabulum, a cup-shaped bone in the pelvis) and the ” ball „ or

head of the thigh bone (femur). During the surgical procedure, these two parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced with smooth artificial surfaces. The artificial socket is made of high-density plastic, while the artificial ball with its stem is made of a strong stainless metal. These artificial pieces are implanted into healthy portions of the pelvis and thigh bones and affixed with a bone cement (methyl methacrylate). A total hip replacement will provide complete or nearly complete pain relief in 90 to 95 percent of

patients. It will allow patients to carry out many normal activities of daily living. To know more about Hip Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad visit Apollo Hopsitals