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Posted on Sep 9, 2014 |

Tips for the Festive Look

Tips for the Festive Look

Tips & Tricks

Festivity is all about getting together with family and friends and having a good time. You meet so many people after ages and you want to set a good impression. So let’s make sure we have a few handy solutions for hair-care and getting done-up for this festive season.

  • I cannot stress enough, that the time of perfect tresses was circa 1980’s. Now in the festive season of 2010, we should not be trying so hard. Hair needs to move – curls do not need to look like they have come directly out of a microwave oven meal.
  • The look for this season is soft, natural and loose. Yes, you can wear your hair up, but do not try and have more than one theme going on. Too many times I look through magazines and find, that people try way too hard and end up with a hopscotch hairstyle, with a little this and a little that.
  • Instead of wearing your hair out and straight, why not try pulling it up into a naturally loose bun, with some strands left out loose. It’s all about being natural, soft and feminine.
  • A high ponytail, pulled out slightly to give height on the crown, with tossed strands, gives a truly sensual image – that will turn more heads than the sitcom scandal!
  • If you are on a business class flight to Mumbai, you want to see all the girls in the same nice clean tight buns. When you are out or at your friend’s or family wedding, wear your hair as an extension of your personality – don’t be afraid to be different, this is the 21st century and tradition is one thing. However, individuality is also something to be proud of.
  • Remember that long hair can be worn in so many ways other than straight and down.
  • We all find ourselves saying or have definitely heard someone say: “my hair has to be long, as I wear sarees a lot and it looks good”. Ok a saree is about being feminine, right? Well imagine showing a little neck or shoulder – feminine? YES! Try it and watch as the heads turn. Don’t try too hard, and make sure of course, that your up-do has the element of bling, or it simply won’t hit the mark of perfection for this season.

Enjoy the festive season and have fun with it. Remember that beauty comes from within and is only visible, when you are feeling this way inside and out. Ignore negativity and embrace the new season with some change – Change is Good!