Throat Infection Precautions

– Take to salt water gargles, herbal teas, and lozenges. They can provide temporary pain relief.
– Paracetamol may help control fever and pain
Get adequate bed rest
– Drink plenty of fluids, preferably warm water and fruit juices (except citrus fruits)
– Have timely meals and avoid junk food
– Do steam inhalation t Rest your voice as much as possible
– Avoid spicy, oily and sour food items
– Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks
– Keep your surroundings clean and dust-free
– Avoid exposure to cold weather
– Avoid sharing food and eating utensils, cups, and glasses
– Use sanitizing agents on phones, keyboards, remotes, and other shared surfaces
– Ventilate work and living spaces as much as possible
– Wash your hands frequently