Symptoms of Diabetes –
Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are symptomatic, although symptoms of Type 1 diabetes are more prominent and severe. Symptoms for Type 2 diabetes can be easily overlooked, given their gradual onset and commonplace nature.

Symptoms: Type 1 Diabetes:
Frequent urination
Unusual thirst
Extreme hunger
Unusual weight loss
Extreme fatigue and Irritability
There is a reason why diabetes is termed the silent killer. The symptoms associated with this condition can escape one’s notice very easily but the disease itself is wrecking enough to leave some of the most vital body functions severely impaired.

It is important to bear in mind that these symptoms may be mistaken for an ailment in themselves or for some other disease. The best method to diagnose this condition is to have a blood test taken. And if you have already noticed this symptom, you should see a doctor at the earliest.

Symptoms: Type 2 Diabetes

Excessive Urination and Thirst –
Excessive blood glucose pushes the kidneys to filter and absorb the surplus sugar. In time, your kidneys fail to keep up with the rigorous overtime process, making you excrete the excess sugar through urinary discharge.

The excess urinary discharge leaves you dehydrated, generating periods of dry mouth and recurring thirst.

These two symptoms go hand in hand, relieving the body of excess sugar and managing the spike in blood glucose levels.

Increased Hunger –
If you feel frequent, excessive pangs of hunger, it could be a sign of diabetes. The sharp, severe highs and lows created in blood sugar lead to bursts of hunger. With sugar levels taking a nosedive, the body is left feeling unfed for hours, triggering a need for glucose for cells to function.

Unexplained Weight Gain –
Gradual weight gain can be the result of increased intake of food owing to a surge in hunger spasms.

Irritability and Fatigue –
Of the many contributing factors to fatigue and crankiness, repetitive urge to urinate accompanied by hunger bursts is what leaves most diabetics irritated. Sleep disruption due to repeated bathroom rounds during the night can cause maximum grouchiness.

Body’s reduced ability to use sugar for energy leaves the body tired and fatigues more than usual.

Blurred Vision –
If you notice a blurry vision, one of the reasons to it could be diabetes. Since excess blood sugar tweaks tissue fluids, inclusive of your eye tissues, it leaves your vision with an impaired focus.

If you observe occasional light flashes or a partial vision, it could be a result of high blood sugar.

Decelerated Healing –
A classic symptom of Diabetes, decelerated healing of cuts and bruises usually occurs due to the continuous damage being done to the blood vessels by the increased blood glucose, which restricts the reach of blood to various body parts, an essential element to healing optimally.

Skin and Yeast Infections plus Frequent Gum and Bladder Infections –
If you notice repetitive infections cropping up, it could be a significant sign of diabetes. Diabetes usually leaves the body vulnerable to a host of infections since fungi and bacteria easily prosper in sugar-rich conditions.

Other Symptoms –
Sexual Dysfunction in Men
Vaginal Infections in Women
Numbness/Tingling in hands and feet
Itchy or Flaky Skin


Symptoms of Diabetes