Self-care Tips For Workaholics

Nowadays life has become so hectic and busy for most people that it has become very difficult to even relax for 2 minutes. Being a workaholic doesn’t allow you to relax since your mind is always preoccupied about work and this ultimately takes a toll on your mental and physical well being. In addition, workaholics usually prefer not to take time off, even if their work performance is badly affected, since their financial realities don’t allow them to take vacations. Consequently this can make them feel emotionally frustrated and bored. The progress of technology and smart phones might have made things easier on the job front, yet it leaves you completely flustered and frustrated as it makes you work all day long. You are always scared to voice your concern and this makes you to work too much.


Workaholism has major health consequences and sometimes these workaholic health issues can even lead to psychosomatic symptoms such as stomach-aches and headaches. Most workaholics deny the workaholic health issues they suffer and focus on immediate activities such as work, which can literally hurt their health. Here are some self-care tips for workaholics to help you take care of your health.

Sleep is a must

You need to get out of the workaholic mode and try to get into a healthy lifestyle mode. Sleep plays a vital role in your physical health. If you start to feel cranky, disturbed or apathetic that means your body is not getting enough sleep. Adequate sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle since it not only boosts your mood but it can also benefit your heart, weight and mind. One of the most common workaholic health issues is that of little sleep, which can affect the quality of life. Lack of sleep is associated with shorter life span, increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep per night to feel rested and rejuvenated the following day.

Eat healthier

Workaholics need to find balance in their lives and to identify what is important to them. Having a busy working life does affect one’s eating habits. And one of the biggest downfall is that most workaholics don’t chart out a self-care plan for their overall health. The first step to fix your problem is to eat healthy food. Healthy snacking can get you the desirable figure if you try controlling the portions. To get rid of workaholic health issues set up sometime to make healthy cooked food with fresh vegetables and grains.

Spend time outdoors

Get out of your work space. Take a vacation so that it can allow you to disconnect from your work pressure. The perfect tip for workaholics is to plan a picnic with your family in the park or some interesting destination. Make sure to get rid of your normal environment in order to get some fresh air.


Do you have trouble putting down your Smartphone? Or are you feeling sore after sitting for long hours at your desk? It is time for you to get out of your work space and spend some time exercising. For many people hitting the gym can be difficult due to their hectic routine. If you want to curb your susceptibility to workaholic health issues then make sure to incorporate some exercise into your work day. You can even try yoga exercises to relieve the stress from your 9 to 12 hours of work.

Time alone

Most workaholics ignore the need to take rest and to spend time alone. Solitude definitely helps you to unwind and to identity your needs. Even strolling along the beach and reading a book keeps your mind relaxed. Being alone gives a boost to your physical and mental renewal and helps you to get rid of workaholic health issue.