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Posted on Sep 9, 2014 |

Secrets To Your Glow In Wet Weather

Secrets To Your Glow In Wet Weather

Open Those Pores!

Deep pore cleansing with a facial scrub is essential to keep the pores free of hardened oil. Use a facial scrub twice a week. Apply on the face, rub gently in a circular motion and rinse off with plenty of plain water. You could make a facial scrub at home by mixing rice flour or ground almonds with curd. Dried and powdered lemon or orange peels can also be added to the scrub. For acne and sensitive skin, avoid scrubs. 


Get Rid Of Impurities

Wash your face several times with plain water. A round of cleansing before going to bed is absolutely essential to remove the impurities collected on the skin during the day.

Do It With Rosy Things

A flower-based skin tonic or freshener is a boon for the skin in humid weather. Rose water is a natural toner. It can be mixed with cucumber juice for oily skin. Keep skin tonic or rose water in the refrigerator. Dab some over your face using cotton wool pads. It refreshes the skin and tightens the pores.

Tackle The Stubborn Stuff

Humid weather also promotes blackheads and eruptions. Mix oatmeal with egg white and apply only on the blackhead prone areas, twice a week. Wash it off when dry. Stubborn blackheads can be extracted at a skin care clinic.

Use Sandalwood Paste

For rashes, pimples or acne, wash your face with medicated soap or cleanser twice daily – in the morning and at night. Wipe your face with astringent and rose water mixed in equal quantities, using cotton wool, several times a day. Apply sandalwood paste on eruptions.

No Heavy Nourishing Creams

Oily products like heavy nourishing creams should not be used when the weather is humid. For dry skin, a light, liquid moisturiser should serve the purpose, both to keep the skin moisturised and as a base for make-up. Carry moist tissues when you are out during the day. After wiping the face with wet tissue, use compact powder. It helps to refresh the skin and remove the oily look. Mix multani mitti with rose water into a paste and apply daily on the face to treat very oily skin. Wash off when dry.

Monsoon Face Mask

Mix three teaspoonsful of oatmeal with egg white and one teaspoon each of honey and curd. If you don’t want to use egg white, add rose water or orange juice. Apply it on the face and wash off after half an hour. Do this twice a week. Dried and powdered lemon and orange peels can also be added to face packs.