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Posted on May 17, 2014 |

Robotic Oncosurgery Unit

Robotic Oncosurgery Unit


In the modern era cancer surgery has been continuously evolving with the accent being an organ preservation with minimal side effects of a major open surgical procedure.Minimal invasive surgery via laparoscopy which has become the main story in abdominal and lung surgery, recently taking the process a step further.

Robotic Surgery using the Da Vinci System has become a reality.Here, the surgeon manipulates the robotic arms sitting on a console and achieves pin point accuracy in delivery of surgical goals without morbidity of Open Surgery.

Currently at Apollo Robotic Oncosurgery Unit, Cororectal, Gynecological and Lung Cancers are being treated.

The obvious advantages of Robotic Surgery and less than 1cm scars, short hospital stay,minimal blood loss, rapid recovery and back to work.

The robotic surgery confess the advantages of Open and Laparoscopic surgery.

Presently all benign and malignant tumors in the abdomen and chest can be removed by Robotic Surgery.


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