The recent news(June, 2016) of isolation of VDPV (vaccine derived polio virus) from a sewer near Amber pet indeed has raised a lot of concern among parents largely because of inadequacy of the information related to it.

Salient features that parents need to know:

India has been declared polio free in 2014 and it still remains the same. As a part of surveillance routine random checking revealed a wild polio virus strain (similar to P2 strain in the old oval polio vaccine).

To prevent it from infecting children who are less immune, government is on a drive to raise the immunity of all at risk (susceptible) children at once by mass immunization through inject able polio vaccine which induces immunity against this virus. So it is mandatory for all children between 6 weeks to 3 years age group to take this vaccine at government identified canters only. Privately it is not available and people are not authorized to give this during this period (June 20th – June 26th).

Why inject able polio and not oral polio mass immunization? –  It is because the now available oral polio vaccine no longer contains polio virus type2, unlike the older oral vaccine which had all three (1, 2, 3) strains. On the other hand IPV immunizes them against type 2 also.



Dr. Sharmila Kaza, M.D (Paediatrics),
Consultant Pediatrician,
Apollo Health City, Hyderabad

Even if you have received inject able polio in your routine schedule you still need to immunize your child in the mass immunization to help drive the wild virus away.