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Posted on Dec 30, 2015 |

Party Smart & Party Happy

Party Smart & Party Happy

You may sometimes need reasons to drink lavishly & if it’s New Year Party Time then you don’t need reasons to start. Having drinks lavishly lead to several liver problems. Symptoms won’t show up & later on lead to serious problems.

‘Party Smart & Party Happy’ don’t lose control, you need to drive / go back home safe. Now-a-days teenagers & youngsters between the age group of 18-30 yrs, are seen mostly in hospitals on the day after partying with many health problems. If you are going to party in the night ensure you have a healthy light meal whole day, it would compensate your heavy meal or drinks of the night..

World Health Organization states that men can shouldn’t consume more than 21 units & women 14 units of liquor  per week.


  1. Never mix up drinks on your own
  2. Don’t over eat
  3. Don’t lose self-control
  4. Don’t drive when you are drunk


  1. Healthy breakfast & add fruits to your lunch and ensure its light.
  2. Carry less cash / or keep a limit in your card so that you will not over drink
  3. Hire a driver in advance
  4. Keep family members informed about your party venue & expected time of return.