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  • Orthopaedic Surgery: Patient Testimonial – P. C. Ray
  • Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Surgery: International Patient Testimonial – Mr. Ibrahim Afrah
  • Apollo Emergency Department: Patient Testimonial – Mr. Vamshi Krishna
  • Embolization Treatment: Patient Testimonial – Mrs. Swapna

Most recent articles

Health Benefits of Soybean

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 |

Health Benefits of Soybean – * Lowers the risk of coronary heart disease, since it contains heart...

Ovarian Cysts

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 |

Ovarian Cysts – Ovarian cyst is nothing but enlargement of ovaries due to accumilation of fluid or any...

Quit Smoking

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 |

Quit Smoking – After quitting Smoking for one year, your risk for Heart Disease is cut in Half.  ...

Abnormal Bleeding

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 |

Abnormal Bleeding – Women have menstrual cycle from 11-12 years of age to about 50 years. A few...

Today Health Talk

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 |

Today Health Talk At Indira Priyadarshini Hall At 7AM. Hall Capacity 400 Full. On Daibetes By Dr. Sridevi...

Top 5 Beauty Tips

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 |

Top 5 Beauty Tips – * Use A Moisturizer That Contains SPF Daily And Nightly * It’s Most...

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