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Posted on Jul 31, 2017 |

Multi-vessel Coronary Artery Disease: Patient Testimonial – Mr. Vinnet Agarwal

Mr. Vinnet Agarwal, 36yrs old from Kolkata was suffering from Multi-vessel Coronary Artery Disease. The patient was advised eith to go for surgery or continue with medications. But even after medication the patient was not cured.

100% Blockages can be cured using special techniques and technology from Japan which is not available in India. The patient approached Dr. V Surya Prakasa Rao, expert in treating 100% multi-vessel blockages. Mr. Vinnet Agarwal underwent the treatment under the supervision of Dr. V Surya Prakasa Rao, top Consultant Cardiologist in Hyderabad. Watch as Mr. Vinnet Agarwal talks about the the advanced Japanese technology & technique and his personal experience with the doctor, since the procedure. To know more visit Apollo Health City: