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Posted on Mar 20, 2015 |

Mixed Sprout Roll

Mixed Sprout Roll

For the dough:

Whole wheat 30 gm
Water 55 percent of the wheat
Salt 2 gm

For the stuffing

Mixed Sprouts 35 gm
Onion 15 gm (julienne cut)
Lemon Juice 2 ml
Tomato 10 gm (julienne cut)
Coriander leaves One sprig


Mixed sprouts - Available in supermarkets, generally. Alternatively, you can make some yourself in a sprout maker with any grain you want. Just remember to soak them for at least 8 – 10 hrs prior to use.


  1. Take the sprouts and soak in chilled water to hydrate the sprouts for half an hour. Drain.
  2. Mix julienne onion and tomato with a hint of lemon juice, salt and coriander leaves.
  3. Roll the chapathi into approx 18 cm diameter and cook well in a griddle with a little oil.
  4. Put in the stuffing and lo! It’s ready to eat

Calories: Approximately 160kilocalories