Knee Replacement Surgery: Patient Testimonials – Mrs. Emmy Theobald. M

Mrs. Emmy Theobald Mutabazi, 63 yrs old from Tanzania came to Apollo Health City for Knee Replacement Surgery. After all the medical analysis she underwent Knee Replacement Surgery under the supervision of Dr. N Somasekhar R, top Orthopedician in Hyderabad. Watch as Mrs. Emmy Theobald Mutabazi talks about the procedure and her personal experience with the doctor and the hospital staff members, since the procedure.

Total knee replacement also called arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure in which damaged components of the knee joint are replaced with artificial parts. The procedure is performed through a skin incision on the front of the knee; the muscular, ligamentous and bony components of the joint are exposed. Read about total knee replacement (TKR) surgery complications, risks, recovery, rehab, exercises, and therapy at Apollo Health City: