India became liberal. India is one of the fastest growing alcohol markets in the world

In 2014, the World Health Organization or the WHO released its Global Status report on Alcohol and Health. The data was compiled taking into account individuals over the age of 15 and above, who consumed alcohol.

According to the report, around 30% of the total population of India consumed alcohol regularly in the year 2010.

According to an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report released in May 2015, alcoholism consumption in India increased by about 55 percent between 1992 and 2012.

More worryingly, the young are getting initiated to alcohol much earlier, while more women are indulging in hazardous and binge drinking

The percentage of under-15 boys who have not had alcohol has gone down from 44 percent to 30 percent and for girls, it has decreased from 50 percent to 31 percent, reveals another study done by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD

Another worrying trend from India is that the average age of initiation of alcohol use has reduced from 28 years during the 1980s to 17 years in 2007. Alarmingly, another study recently found that the “average age of initiation” had dropped down to 13 years.

Based on the beer sales (more popular in male and female young people) in AP and Telangana there is a rise of above 50% from 2012-2018. Just in last 1 year, there was about 30% increase in beer consumption in Telugu states.

“Major crimes and accidents are fuelled by alcohol, which also leads to sexual harassment of women and robberies”, S Raju, of Tamil Nadu’s Makkal Adhikaram (People’s Power) told the BBC.

“Alcohol abuse is also the reason why Tamil Nadu has the largest number of widows under 30 years of age”, he added.

A quarter of all hospital admissions and 69 percent of all crimes in Kerala is due in part to intoxication, according to the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre, an NGO, quoted in The Economist.

Alcohol consumption causes significant health, legal, and socio-economic damage


Alcohol consumption causes diseases of nervous system, heart, liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal system, cancer and contributes to over 200 diseases and injury-related health conditions including dependence and addiction, and unintentional injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, burns, assaults, and drowning.

Overall there is a serious growth in Liver Diseases day by day. Due to lack of awareness people are at risk of acquiring serious medical disorders.

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