Monsoon not only brings in beautiful weather and fun but also infections and diseases like, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya etc. Fever, flu and cold are most common ailments in this season.

The following are a few simple tips for maintaining good health during this season.

  • Stay hydrated and drinking lots of water
  • Carry an umbrella
  • Wear cotton clothes.
  • Drink plenty of liquids and consume seasonal fruits.
  • Use talcum powder to keep body dry.
  • Sweat can give rise to fungal infections, try to stay indoors with fans and ventilation.
  • Avoid eating street food as it can give rise to bacterial and viral infections.
  • Street food can also cause diarrhea.
  • If fever lasts for more than two days, consult a doctor for Typhoid or Malaria.
  • Keep home and surrounding clean, avoid stagnation or water, it could breed infection and disease spreading mosquitos.
  • Bronchitis and Arthritis are also common in this season due to sudden rise and fall in temperatures, consult a doctor if the symptoms persist over 2-3 days.