Exercise for Asthmatics –

Exercise, when done in the asthmatic style, reduces severity of asthma. So change into your tracks, and try these out.

– Warm up: To reduce your chances for getting an asthma attack
while exercising or during a match, start with a warm up. This could
comprise of around 20 minutes of sub maximal exercise, or five
sprints of 30 seconds, half an hour before you get into strenuous
– Breathing: During your exercise or match, asthmatics should strictly
breathe only through nose – mouth inhalation is a no-no. Increase
the speed of your exercise slowly, keeping the rapidity of your breath
under control.
– Cool Down: Do not stop your exercise abruptly. After hard work or
play, one should stop exercise slowly with a cool-down period of a
few minutes. You could jog lightly or walk, to get your body
accustomed to the cessation of rapid activity.
– Climate: An asthma patient should play in warm and moist climate
rather than cold and dry climate. If at all you should exercise in a
cool and dry climate, it should be done after wearing a mask or a
scarf over the face.