Eating Habits That Cause Diabetes

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Diabetes due to unhealthy eating habits is becoming a common crisis among urban dwellers. With multinational companies promoting ready-to-eat processed food and their range of fast food range, people are getting addicted to a lifestyle that is prone to high risk of diabetes.

The most troubling phenomena of this trend are youngsters, in some cases children, becoming obese. Obesity is a major health hazard that leads to diabetes and other chronic heart diseases that plague people with unhealthy eating habits.

It has been established that the onset of diabetes can be prevented if our food habits are corrected.

Eating High Glycemic Index (GI) Foods, foods that are turned quickly into glucose are high GI foods, tend to create extreme spikes in the blood sugar levels. These include, white bread, pasta, carbonated drinks, refined flour baked items etc,. Consuming such foods on a regular basis exposes people to high risk of diabetes.

Saturated fats found in dairy and animal products are pro-diabetic. These are also referred to as trans-fats and are found in heavy quantities in packaged, fast food items. Red meat, dairy products and foods containing semi-hydrogenated oils are unhealthy.

Diabetes is essentially the inability to maintain uniform sugar levels in the body. Hence, irregular eating habits due to stressful and busy lifestyle increase risk of diabetes.

Habits such as skipping breakfast results in imbalance of sugar level in your body resulting in sugar cravings and hunger pangs.