To get the best results, find colours that suit your complexion and areas that need contouring. Remember ‘blending’ plays a very important role here. Eyeshadows come in liquid, cream or powder form.

Shadows As They Come!
  • The pressed powder ones are more popular, as they are easier to apply and blend. Pressed powder shadows are applied with spongetipped applicators and blended with brushes.
  • Cream shadows may be applied with finger tips and can be blended with a sponge. Nowadays, pencil shadows are also available.
  • If you use liquid or creamy eyeshadows, stick to one or two colours. Allow one colour to dry before applying the next. Ensure that it does not collect at the crease of the eyes.
  • Pearly or shiny shadows are used for highlighting or for creating a shimmering effect.
  • Go for matte shadows, to create a more natural effect or play down your looks.
  • Some eyeshadows even provide glitter for gala occasions.

Eyeshadow Applicators:A flat-tipped square brush helps in applying an eyeshadow for the overall colour. To apply a highlighter on the brow bone, a brush with a slight slant helps. Sponge applicators are useful for applying and blending eye shadow.

Actually, they are also great for making lines softer and can be used to smudge liner after application to achieve the smoky effect. They are mostly double-tipped, with sponges on both sides of the applicator.

Defining Lines

Eyeliners on the other hand give more definition to the eyes! Different kinds of eyeliners are available in the market today.

    • Liquid eyeliners are the most popular and have been used for decades.


    • Gel based eyeliner is a very new concept. It is thicker and is applied with an angled brush.


  • While eye pencils are hard, kohl liners or kaajal are softer and easier to apply.
You’ve Got The Look!


Get Smoky

After applying eyeshadow, apply the eyeliner close to the lashes on the upper eyelid. Then smudge with a sponge-tipped applicator. Apply dark shadow over it and blend it outwards and slightly upwards. Apply liner just below the lower lashes; smudge and then apply the eyeshadow.


First apply a light shadow over the eyelid and a dark one in the crease. Apply a thick line of black eyeliner close to the lashes on both the upper and lower lids. Extend them outwards and slightly upwards beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Use plenty of mascara.

Colours & Strokes

For contouring, remember that light colours highlight, while dark colours make the area recede. Work with four shades of eyeshadow – a neutral base colour, a main colour, a darker shade for emphasis and a light colour for highlighting.

Big Is Beautiful

To make the eyes look bigger, use the darker shade in the crease of the eye socket and the upper part of the lid. Use a lighter tone on the eyelid. Highlight under the brows

Tricks For Day & Night

For daytime, line your eyelids with matte brown or grey eyeshadow for a softer effect. For a daytime event, apply a light colour shadow like mauve or light brown over the entire eyelid. Then, use dull gold or silver shadow on the upper lid closer to the lashes and also to highlight under the brows.

For nighttime glamour, use brown, bronze and gold eyeshadow. Apply the dark brown eyeshadow in the crease of the lids to add depth. Highlight under the brows with gold. Outline the eyes with dark eyeliner. Apply on the upper lid, close to the lashes, and smudge with a cotton bud. Gently blend a line of kohl or eye pencil on the low.