Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana For Skin, Hair And Health

1. Gives instant surge of energy

2. Helps keep blood pressure under control

3. Helps lower cholesterol

4. Supports renal health

5. Improves nerve function and enhances brain power

6. Decreases the risk of stroke

7. Reduces the risk of cancer

8. Helps build healthy bones

9. Enhances digestive ability

10. Helps combat stomach ulcers

11. Helps in controlling diarrhoea

12. Relieve from constipation

13. Helps in curing piles

14. Helps regulating anaemia

15. Helps alleviating heartburn

16. Prevents allergies

17. Helps withdrawing smoking urge

18. Helps recovering from hangover

19. Enhance weight gain

20. Bananas benefits for weight loss

21. Prevents insomnia

22. Reduces inflammation due to mosquito bites

23. Other benefits of bananas

24. Natural moisturiser

25. Glowing skin

26. Banana skin scrubs

27. Anti-ageing

28. Foot care

29. Goodbye puffy eyes

30. Pack For Soft Hair

31. Pack For Shine And Health

32. Pack To Fight Hair Loss

33. Pack For Dry Hair

34. Pack For Dry And Damaged Hairh

35. Pack For Acne

36. Treating Itchy Skin

37. Pack For Wrinkles

38. Pack For Treating Warts And Psoriasis

39. Bananas and Beauty Sleep