A Successful Brain Tumor Surgery

A 30 years lady came with the complaints of severe headache and vomiting of 20 days duration. Her MRI brain showed a large tumour in the centre of the brain, which we call as pineal area. She also had an accumulation of water (Hydrocephaly) in the brain above the tumor. Tumor was located in an area which is very deep, difficult to access and is in proximity to vital centres and vascular structure of the brain. She was diagnosed to have EPIDERMOID OF QUADRIGEMINAL CISTERN. She was planned for surgery in 2 stages. In the 1st stage, external ventricular drainage was done. It means putting a tube outer of the skull to drain out the accumulated water (CSF). Two days after the 1st procedure, the patient was taken up for the definitive procedure. It was done in a sitting position with the patient’s neck flexed. Tumor was entirely excised and external drain which was put in 1st procedure was removed after 2 days following the after 2nd surgery. It made an uneventful recovery and got discharged after 5 days following the 2nd surgery. There was a possibility of developing eye movement-related problems, walking disturbances and several other complications including life risk. However, she didn’t develop a single complication at the time of discharge. She was comfortably walking and accepting a normal diet without headache and vomitings.



Dr. N Manohar Reddy MBBS, MS, MCh,
Neuro Surgoen,
Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda