5 Quick ways to brighten up your day

One minute you are all happy and carefree, but when suddenly something unwanted occurs, your good feeling and all your smiles are gone. It happens to all of us- mood swings.

Feeling sad and down is a common thing, which we all encounter from time to time. But, that shouldn’t spoil your day. In other words, your bad mood shouldn’t be allowed to last for the whole day.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get out of that crabbed mood and brighten up your day:
Laughter: Laughter is believed to be the best medicine to emotional problems. Research has shown that hearty laugh can have many health benefits. It improves mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol and enhances immune system.

Exercise: Exercise can brighten up your day as it releases endorphins which improve mood. Studies have also linked exercise to low rates of anxiety and depression.

Sunshine: Spend some time in the sunshine or stand beside a bright window for a few minutes to get more vitamin D. Sunlight not only boosts your system but also improves your general mood.

Music: It can make us smile, it can excite us and make us dance, it can also bring us to tears. Listening to your favourite upbeat number can make you feel happy in seconds. While research has found a whole bunch of emotional and physical benefits of listening to music, it certainly has a powerful influence over your state of mind.

Photographs: Try having a look at your photographs/scrapbooks. It can actually make you feel happier and quickly boosts your mood. Also, upload your favourite picture to your computer and set it as a screensaver to keep your spirits high at work.