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Apollo Hospitals to join hands with Nobel Laureate Dr. Ferid Murad

Apollo Hospitals to join hands with Nobel Laureate Dr. Ferid Murad, for collaborative research on early detection & precise treatment of heart ailments among Indians!

This research should help in knowing the causes of the high prevalence of heart problem among Indians and suitable remedies.

Hyderabad, 8th December 2019: Apollo Hospitals has announced a joint collaboration with Nobel Laureate Dr. Ferid Murad, to do extensive research on the causes for the high prevalence of heart disease among Indians and suggest ways to detect early and render precise treatment. This was announced by Dr Sangita Reddy, Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals and Nobel Laureate Dr. Ferid Murad, at a press conference on Monday at Apollo Hospitals.

Due to the high prevalence of heart disease in India, there is an opportunity for this collaboration between Dr. Ferid Murad and the Apollo Hospitals, to explore newer pathways for early detection and accurate treatment of heart ailments. This joint initiative will work towards finding newer methods to provide freedom from illness and suffering in the community.

In addition to world-class medical care, the Apollo group is also a recognized leader in scientific research, it has a robust and expanding research base in all aspects of medicine. In the cardiology. Apollo is already undertaking several research initiatives including:

1. The importance of baseline Troponin level as a cardiovascular risk marker.
2. Profiling the effects of blood pressure reduction on central aortic blood pressure levels.
3. Measuring the 24 hr ambulatory blood pressure without using the traditional cuff — a novel approach first time in India.

About Dr. Ferid Murad

Dr. Murad has bestowed the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1998 for his monumental discovery of Nitric oxide which causes blood vessels to relax and improves the blood circulation. This remarkable discovery changed the entire field of cardiology forever and established novel ways of reducing the risk of heart disease and how to prolong the survival of people with heart problems. Besides its positive effects on the heart, Nitric oxide may also benefit people with other medical problems such as cancer. Dr.Murad’s identification of Nitric Oxide is considered as a milestone and a trailblazer in the history of medicine and in some ways comparable to the discovery of penicillin.

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