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Apollo Hospitals forays into Homecare Dr. Prathap C Reddy launches Apollo Homecare operations in Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi

Apollo Homecare to ramp up its services to 13 more cities in the next fifteen months

Hyderabad, October, 2015:  Apollo Hospitals group is venturing into homecare leveraging its domain strength to make high quality integrated healthcare accessible to the community at large and more specifically to the elderly, chronically ill patients, post-surgery recovery patients etc., who would receive personalized attention from well- trained and qualified healthcare care providers right within the comfortable environs of their homes. With experience of over 500+ home based care patients of diverse clinical conditions, Apollo Hospitals is geared to render homecare services in India.  The Group announced the National launch of Apollo Homecare services in Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai on Saturday at Hyderabad. By the end of next year, Apollo Homecare will rapidly spread its operations to 13 more cities. Apollo Homecare services can be reached by dialing itsnational homecare hub number 1860-500-8585.

Marking this milestone, Dr. Dr. Prathap C Reddy, unveiled the logo and launched the website, at its debut press conference at Hyderabad today.  Launching the “Apollo Homecare” initiative- Dr.Prathap .C.Reddy Chairman Apollo Group expressed that Home based quality Healthcare will play a very significant role in the healthcare Industry in India in this decade. Dr.Reddy mentioned that continuity of care is fundamental for better outcomes in healthcare-Apollo Homecare will sustain this continuum beyond the hospitals into the community through Apollo Homecare. This actually could be transformational as it is a win-win situation for all stakeholders – it is convenient and comfortable Patients and their families; it would reduce the “Average length of stay “(ALOS) of the patients  for Hospitals and reduce the outgo for the Health Insurance companies. He is hopeful of Health Insurance companies favourably considering reimbursement for Home based healthcare services. Raising concern about the  growing geriatric population in India, Dr.Reddy emphasized that the Elderly  parents both the domestic and NRI dependents are the ones who need to be taken care of with utmost sensitivity and regular monitoring to avoid falls at home and also for better management of pre-existing conditions . Dr.Reddy also mentioned that remote monitoring through technology will play an significant role in home based healthcare services.

Apollo Homecare’s Home Partnership programs are well researched and evidence based care plans to cater to the needs of broad categories of ELDERLY CARE, CHRONIC ILLNESS CARE, POST SURGERY CARE, POST HOSPITAL DISCHARGE CARE and HOME SPECIALTY CARE.

Apollo Homecare will providing end to end, reliable and professional home healthcare through its Home Visit, Home partnership and Home Nursing programs.  Apollo has currently 500+ Homecare professionals operating out of the three cities, with various skill levels and has showcased evidence based outcomes in critical services such as HOME BASED ICUsalso.

Highlighting the partnership programs which are delivered through a multidisciplinary team guided by a specialist physician, Dr.Mahesh Joshi, CEO –Apollo Homecare mentioned that these care plan-based programs are aimed at chronic illness management in partnership with the family members to prevent adverse outcomes, unwanted hospital visits or admissions.  Further elaborating on the need for quality homecare systems in India, Dr. Joshi said that there is a dearth of serious providers, who can cater to the“clinical excellence” at home in India.  Dr.Joshi explained that Apollo Homecare will be supported by four centers of excellence namely Homecare Management , Homecare Hub ,Homecare Clinical Excellence and Homecare Learning Center.

Talking about remarkable recovery of a 23 year old road accident victim Mr. Shivcharan reddy, Dr. Joshi said “ when we took this patient, he was totally paralysed, today he can write his mother’s name and we recently  removed the tracheostomy tube.” Shiv Charan’s parents, are extremely happy at their son being taken care of at home.

Ms.Sangita Reddy, Joint MD of Apollo Hospitals stated that Apollo always strives to address the unmet needs in the healthcare domain in India and homecare was but the natural progression in the Apollo’s journey.  Explaining the manifold significance of homecare, she said, “Apollo Homecare is an option for people who need to seek viable alternatives to hospital-based care particularly for long term care or disease management with an assurance of the Quality care being delivered.

Talking about Apollo advantage she said, “While there are lot of players in the market and lot more players who are about to launch, the major differentiation that Apollo Homecare has to offer would be “CLINICAL EXCELLENCE IN CARE. Starting from shadowing the patient post surgery at the hospital, smooth transfer of the patient to home and making the environment conducive at home, Apollo Homecare has the capability to handle the most critical cases at home.” Illustrating this point, she spoke about Mr. Babu Rao, who had less than 5% chances of survival. However, Apollo Homecare has successfully turned around the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) case and today Mr. Babu Rao leads a normal and healthy life although he remains with an Oxygen concentrator at home.

Highlighting the APOLLO EDGE, Ms. Reddy shared the roadmap of Apollo homecare with presence in all tier- 1 cities by the end of the year and another 13 tier -2 cities during next year. Apollo targets to touch over a 100000 lives in the first year of its operations.

Mr. Harshad Reddy, Director, Apollo Homecare, unveiled the Apollo Homecare KIT bag and flagged off the Apollo Homecare Van. Mr. Harshad  said , “ With its distributed model of call taking, Apollo Homecare has localized the approach to homecare and the local teams are enabled for the Clinical excellence and would be working very closely with the base hospitals.”

While Apollo Homecare will largely focus on HOME PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM with Short term and Long term home based care, which will be physician and nurse led; Apollo will also be handling HOME BASED INVESTIGATIONS, HOME VACCINATION PROGRAMS and MEDICINES DELIVERY.

Apollo Homecare will leverage the Apollo group network of hospitals, retail pharmacy, Clinics and Diagnostic Services along with the backup of its Emergency 1066 services to provide comprehensive, reliable and end to end services for its homecare patients.

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