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Anti Endomysium, Reticulin & Gliadin-IgA

Indirect Immunofluorescence method Biochip Titerplane Technique

Anti Endomycium        Anti Gliadin                       Anti Endomycium

Anti Endomysium, Reticulin & Gliadin-IgA

Primate intestine  Gliadin coated chip     Primate Liver section

Clinical Significance

Determination of IgA antibodies against Endomysium ,Reticulin and Gliadin provides confirmation of clinical diagnosis of gluten-sensitive enteropathy(small children :coeliac disease,adults:non-tropical sprue).Reticulin antibodies are found in 60% of celiac disease patients. Endomysium antibodies possess a higher specificity and is used as means of determining the predisposition for gluten sensitive enteropathy among relatives of patients with coeliac disease.

Determination of antibodies against gliadin is also suitable for monitoring the course of therapy or a gluten loading test and for asessing the compliance of a gluten-free diet. Usually endomycium and gliadin antibodies occur together however,they are not identical and may not correlate with each other in all cases.

Some patients with gluten-sensitive enteropathy also suffer from Duhring’s dermatitis herpetiformis, a chronic skin disease connected with the formation of blisters.This disease can also appear by itself.

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