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Acute Budd Chiari Syndrome

A patient diagnosed was diagnosed with Acute Budd Chiari syndrome of cryptogenic etiology causing portal hypertension and ascites. The patient was advised TIPS (TRANSJUGULAR INTRAHEPATIC PORTOSYSTEMIC SHUNT) which relieves hepatic venous outflow obstruction and portal hypertension as well as prevents ascites formation and life threatening complications like GI bleed. A 10mm x 10cm PTFE covered metal stent was placed between the middle hepatic vein and right portal vein under fluoroscopic guidance. The procedure was uneventful.  Check Doppler that was done 2 days post procedure showed stent thrombosis for which Balloon angioplasty was done and stent was opened. Anticoagulation medications were optimized and the ascites disappeared. Stent patency rates of about 80% at 1 year and good 5-yr survival (74%) without liver transplantation have been reported after TIPS. This procedure was successfully done by Dr. Raja sekhar.K, Dr. Rajaneesh .C.Reddy, Dr. Sridhar Reddy, Dr. Srinivas Chakravarthy, Dr. Manish Varma.

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